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The Auspicious Life Anthem

EXACTLY by Amy Steinberg

Finally I found the Auspicious Life anthem. The song that will set the rhythm of this journey. I got attracted to how it speaks of one's divinity and innate ability to shine, and really it only takes a shift of mind towards accepting this Truth that we are not just this body, or this mind, or this soul, we are all three, before we begin to see the wonderful possibilities.

When I played this song over and over again, and I just couldn't help but dance like a bohemian girl in front of a bonfire, I just felt the connection with the Universe so intense I didn't care what the people in the house thought of me. The feeling was surreal. As you start playing it gradually your body, mind and emotions become one with the song, and then you start dancing to it, you begin to feel you're not just one with the song, but one with everything.


Your Desires and Purpose in Life

Knowing your purpose in life is a beautiful goal. It is where humanity is evolving towards. It is a mission you are born for. But you know what dawned on me one day? I realised manifesting your dreams really simply means to have found your purpose in Life and that purpose is what the Universe will provide abundance for. At the back of my mind, I somehow knew our Life's purpose is really what's going to be attracted towards us because our purpose is like a place where our heart will happily settle down, doing something that we are born to do while making good contribution to all humanity.

It need not be humanitarian per se or as what most people think of what humanitarian is; it could be as real as a business of your own creating products or services that benefits mankind, a rewarding job that you truly love or a life that is dedicated to serving others directly. It is really a purpose that will finally give you a sense of contentment.


A Piece of my Mind

A question was raised in Quora: 

It’s said that when you desperately want something, the universe conspires to make it happen. Is this true?

And I am aghast with some of the answers.  The person who asked was called insensitive and ridiculous.  So I gave them a piece of my mind.

Here's my exact reply

Yes, IF:

… you apply the Laws. which in my personal study includes the law of cause and effect and many others.

These Laws, even if they were coined by mere humans are observations made to contribute to the so called resources anyone can use to better their situation. So I don’t tend to get judgmental against things that are created with good and noble intentions. Thus the first step is to ASK. Even if you don’t believe in the Law of Attraction, there must be something else that you direct your asking to. GOD, Higher Power, yourself? It depends, and I respect those who consider GOD and the Universe one and the same, I respect those who’d consider GOD only, I can also respect those who neither believes in both and chooses to believe in the SELF as the only entity responsible for each his own destiny.

The Influence of Dr. Mel Gill and Sandeep Maheshwari

People love a genuinely good-hearted person. It could be you or me or your neighbors. But what makes a genuinely good person stand out is what he shares to all humanity. I was thinking about Sandeep and how I realized he lives a charmed life. He is one of the few whom the "Godliness", which everybody has, is openly portrayed and effortlessly projected through his presence and works. I have felt the same thing with Dr. Mel Gill, the author of The Meta Secret book. Although I have yet to personally meet Sandeep Maheshwari one day, I am looking forward to the same unspoken influence he will rub on me.

Dr. Mel Gill

When Dr. Mel Gill smiled at me and laughed with me, I knew he ignited in me a passion I was keeping on the sidelines. He did so much as to write a big "Believe" in the book I have him sign and that was all that is needed to awaken me.

It's a blessing, really... when the Universe brings you people you never would have imagined you could shake hands with? And when something like that happens, you know there is a big purpose. Everything happens for a reason. 


The Hacks for Getting the Universe to Conspire with You

The Law of Attraction teaches us 3 steps: Ask, Believe and Receive.  Many of us have tried, a lot have succeeded in manifesting their dreams, and then there are those who are left even more baffled how others have employed the same steps and obtained wonderful results, while they seem to be finding trickles of manifestations that aren't enough to make their dreams into reality.

This article is without exaggeration, a super lengthy one but you can find out here, now, that what could be missing are just lifestyle changes anyone can make! It's a "if you could figure out" sort of a thing that has always been there but I guess it was intentionally not placed as a step of its own because it is one you should figure out on your own and apply to yourself before you even dare invoke your right to recieve the Universe's blessings .


The Secrets of Daily Life: Unleash The Full Potential of Your Creativity

Unleash your Creativity

(to a long article that can change your way of thinking about living your dreams.)

Most people think they aren't creative. Which is one of the gravest sin you can commit against yourself. Creativity starts with your ability to create thoughtforms, and it only means from day one you have been nothing but creative. The question is what do you create for yourself?


The Secrets of Daily Life: Seizing Time

I wrote in my the first article of this series which is about the secret on how to slow down time, that you can squeeze in positive moments into your daily routine. It was a starting point in making you feel less toxic, less miserable, and more hopeful. There are wonderful things that already are in our lives but we simply fail to make them count. Thus making them count by giving time for these positive moments is the beginning of our rehabilitation.

In this article, we go a step further. Get ready tp sieze time and shine! This is a very long article though,  you'd be better doing something else instead of reading further.... really up to you.


The Secrets of Daily Life: Time

It's not everyday that we get to pause and think about how lucky we are. In fact most of the times we think otherwise and didn't have to pause for it. We are easily invaded by negative thoughts and feelings especially amidst the swirls of tasks and responsibilities.

Why do we suffer from these thoughts and feelings and at the most inopportune time? If I asked myself that a year ago, I would have said, "it's because of this... and that... Now, I wouldve laughed at myself.


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Here in my blog you would find yourself reading about:

Law of Attraction

The Secret to Manifest our Desires

Spiritual Growth

The Auspicious Life Anthem

EXACTLY by Amy Steinberg Finally I found the Auspicious Life anthem. The song that will set the rhythm of this journey. I got attracted ...


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