The Auspicious Life Anthem

EXACTLY by Amy Steinberg

Finally I found the Auspicious Life anthem. The song that will set the rhythm of this journey. I got attracted to how it speaks of one's divinity and innate ability to shine, and really it only takes a shift of mind towards accepting this Truth that we are not just this body, or this mind, or this soul, we are all three, before we begin to see the wonderful possibilities.

When I played this song over and over again, and I just couldn't help but dance like a bohemian girl in front of a bonfire, I just felt the connection with the Universe so intense I didn't care what the people in the house thought of me. The feeling was surreal. As you start playing it gradually your body, mind and emotions become one with the song, and then you start dancing to it, you begin to feel you're not just one with the song, but one with everything.

We have God's breath, the Universe's makeup is what makes up our being, we are made up of the same stuff the stars are made of. We are Godly and able to make miracles in our own lives. Unleash your soul from the shackles, let it reign free. Let it be what you really are, let the real you be a free spirit.

I hope you enjoy this song as much as I did. Lets spread this article in particular. not just the video link so I could also share to others what I've experienced with it.


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