Be Pert Like Nipples, In The Morning

Mornings are symbolic to freshness and new beginnings. The smell of coffee, the shy rising of the sun... and since we started this conversation in a kind of controversial way, lets say mornings... are like foreplay, before the main event.

What do you do every morning then? Do you get your hands wet to wash before facing anyone? Do you run your fingers on that smooth and shiny toaster? and do you gasp in awe as the morning breeze greets your half awakened skin? I know my thighs used to feel ticklish as it grazes onto the sink's bottom cabinet knob.Do you smell like pink roses in the morning? Do you not want to close your eyes and feel the warmth of the early sunrise?

Many people have forgotten mornings. They've forgotten their intimate relationship with the breaking of dawn. I know I did. But as soon as I remembered the smell and feel of mornings, I find myself craving it. I want sooo badly to make amends. I fact, I think I'm going to have a kiss and make out tomorrow.

I want it special. I want a mocha cappuccino sprinkled with cinnamon, that would be the kiss. Perhaps a stroll in the woods to chat with the sun and the trees... that would be the make out.

Of course there has to be a delectable peace offering, to show how excited I am with this reunion. I know what it'll be...

Pert nipples... in the morning. :)

Yes, as a sign of my devotion, I vow to be pert like nipples, every morning of every day... of my Life.

No, this is not an erotic article but it sure was extremely fun writing it...
It even made me think of writing a song. :)

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