Who is Joanne Yu

Actually, it's Joanne Yu De Leon. I am married and with two amazing kids.

I am a graphics designer and a registered nurse. But these are just titles I earned and am responsible for.

I would love to talk about me as Joanne Yu. Yes my maiden name which I carried from the moment I was born. That name symbolizes me as who I really am inside; things that not even my mother knows a 100% about.

First I am a child who wishes to see only beautiful things. I was a child with a heart that is pure and innocent. A kind of child that we all are during the first years of our lives.

My parent's separation got the better of me, I guess, so growing up I made mistakes along the way as a result of dodging bullets of rejection and finding happiness outside of where I was supposed to be getting them: my family. My promising future was suddenly like murky waters. I could not see through clearly.

While I recovered from a brief moment of separation anxiety and depression at the early age of 8, I was pretty much disoriented and all over the place. So I grew up with identity issues and insecurities I only sweep under the rug but was always ever aware they're there.

I feel I can now openly talk about this because I am finally healed. Also I have forgiven myself for having chosen a convenient escape instead of just sticking to face the hurts and pains. Who knows the indifference could've turned to love had I not disobeyed so much in exchange for a period of happiness, validation, acceptance and appreciation from others.

I was even ecstatic when I got pregnant at 22 and is to be married to my 3 years boyfriend. I said to myself at last I'm going to have to build my own family; perfect and full of love.  There it was again: an escape.

You know, there's this major lesson in life among the many others that will stand out and having learned that lesson will automatically change you.  For me, that lesson was: Do not escape your troubles as they will surely follow you around and haunt you every now and then.

Because when I thought I already escaped my past having changed my surname and a ring on my finger to mark that I am not that person anymore, I was wrong. My marriage failed, and after years of not getting over the "curse", I finally found light.

That's when I started using my maiden name again. I just decided, no more running away. :)

Now, having the clarity of mind to analyze all that I've been through I figured half of my grudges were ones I made worse by thinking of them as such.

The only way to move forward is to get over the past. Not escape but deal with it once and for all and forgive it.

I have spent years studying something that I knew was at work in my life through the bad and good. It was the secret that made me figure out exactly how I was supposed to live my life after spending half of it being in the dark with regards to the direction I am born to tread.

My journey has started years ago. And has fully culminated a massive amount of lessons I got from my experiences and the mentors I followed.

I am now a person who is not limited to the titles and labels one can pin on me. I can be what I will to be!

Now, I am person whose soul is also dedicated to teach and inspire others to be enlightened so they wont get enlightened at their own expense but hopefully my stories and teachings can help others avoid wasting too much time falling and failing before they get enlightened.

Because i know now sooner or later a person gets enlightened anyway. Its just up to you to choose whether you want it as soon as now or as late as when there's few time left.

Life is short and so I would love to spend my life meaningfully. I am getting all the inspiration i need from two beautiful kids: My Troy and Yohann.

So there, I hope you choose to get enlightened and journey with me. Lets unravel secrets together. I am dedicating this blog to provide free basic but powerful strategies that can almost immediately turn your life around.

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