You Have It Inside of You

Yes, yes I know this is a blog and I should be writing a thousand words as I normally do but I'll keep this short and sweet. I have been really busy with doing my share of creativity in another space. People call it work, I'd rather think of it as a responsibility to fit in the normal outside world. In the outside world, the law works in such a way that what you get is exactly as much as what you put out to the world in terms of your ability to create.

In the inner world you are much more abundant. Your thoughts and energy will bring that abundance from the inner world to materialize on the outside reality we are living in, you just need to tune in to the vibe: the vibe of knowing you already have the abundance. You already have it! It's inside of you! You just  need to materialize it.  So I picked some songs to give you the vibe and that would be it for this update. I am working on something great to share and while It's still cooking, listen to the songs and get the vibe. Enjoy!

1. Don't Worry Be Happy

2. Burn



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