The 2 Unshakable's That Get In The Way of Manifestation

I have answered questions in Quora about what the law of attraction is, can it really help you in life or is it true that you can manifest your desires and I figured so many people would love to know what the correct approach would be. I am no expert on the subject in terms of how much I know or how deep I know, no not at all. But what I'm confident about is that I have begun understanding it.

Many things happen internally when you don't fully understand something. Enter what I call "The 2 Unshakable's". 

1) Doubt

So you try to observe the Law of Attraction for quite some time now and yet it doesn't give you much of a result. You may say, you don't know what's wrong but just honestly admit to yourself that all the while, in the face of a challenge or an opportunity when you can put the Law to the test, there is this unshakable doubt.

It is expected from a person who doesn't fully understand or fully believe in what he is trying to do. But are you positive about wanting to sort things out in life? How much do you want to manifest your heart's desire? If you answer yes and very much, then get to know everything you can about yourself and the Law of Attraction. Know enough to establish a strong sense of trust.  That really is the first step. 

2) Fear 

From lack of understanding comes doubts and shortly after comes the fear. Fear is the younger twin of Doubt, because it comes last but only a few moments right after. Do you agree?

Whenever you are doubtful about doing something that could change your life but is somehow forced to push through with it, you also feel scared and sometimes you say it aloud. Fear is the component of this combo attack which messes up the heart or your emotions; whereas Doubt is the component that messes up with the mental. No matter how good your stance from the outside, if you have all these unshakable doubts (which you could deny and try to push away), you begin having the unshakable fear.

For example, you head on to an interview, making a strong front, and being courageous. But on the inside, you are really doubtful of your own qualifications. You try hard to push the doubts away because you are conscious that giving these doubts the power to influence the law of attraction to bring you the opposite of that which you want. 

You recite your affirmations in panic and not in full faith because of these doubts. And so when it comes to the moment where you face the opportunity, the fake wall of courage crumbles down. Many people would agree that there's the problem of that tinge of fear that has started to surface because of the doubts that's messing up your thoughts. We cannot deny the fear because feelings are more difficult to hide and what's more is that your expressions of fear reveal what's really cluttered on your mind: doubts.

There's an exception though.

Some of us have full confidence in what they can do, and know that they can nail the opportunity but for some reason when the moment of opportunity comes, during an interview for example, we become nervous wrecks . This may just be jitters or it could be due to external factors that could affect you for example an intimidating environment and people that could've set you off.

Thoughts like, 'The last one interviewed before me is someone I know to be the best in this field...' or  'This office is too sophisticated and nobody smiles...' These thoughts are just formed in the conscious mind as a result when it finally sinks in that you are about to face a test or challenge and the external environment makes you feel intimidated rather than supportive of your vibe.

The person who experiences this may or may not get the opportunity, as some say "shit happens" but it is guaranteed that he will win on any or that particular opportunity sooner or with a few adjustments on his mental and emotional conditioning because deep inside of him he is confident about himself that he can. No deep-rooted doubts and fears to battle.


The amount of doubt and the quality of doubt you have is the real culprit why you are struggling to make the law of attraction work in your favor. And when I say DOUBTS, these pertains to doubts on whether the Law of Attraction can really work in your favor and as well as doubts on your own competencies and ability to manifest.

As a beginner, then, It is more advisable to attain a level of self confidence that is not just a front. We have all tried faking it, for the sake of trying to manifest. But the Universe cannot be tricked. I believe you already know the Universe is inside of us all... For me, it's a misconception to think that it is out there far above the sky...  and so it sees what is inside of us even before we become consciously aware of what's inside of us.

If you are not yet fully confident with some skills you have, then try acquiring irresistible abilities to add up to your competencies or advance the level of mastery in the skills you already have. It is easier to push fear away when you are solid about what you can do and what you can offer.

Regarding the Law of Attraction working for you instead of against you, you need to make an in depth research about it and fully understand how it has been working on you the wrong way all your life, before you can actually have it work in your favor.

In simpler terms, you need to establish a degree of FAITH that it works. Otherwise having doubts about how the Law operates will have doomed your initiatives to change your life for the better before you even begin.

As an ending to this article,  let me stress more about FAITH being that one more possible ingredient you could be lacking. Let's refer to the seedling in the image above. That seedling was of course a seed first. When it was still a seed, it did not ask:

 "Should I grow?"
"Am I really capable of becoming something else other than a seed?"
"What if the soil above me gets trampled on?"
"What if the soil becomes dry?"
"What if it rained so hard?"


It knows nothing of itself except that it is to grow. And so, even when most of the circumstances above actually happened, from a seed it is still able to become a seedling. Because the seed , in reality doesn't question. We may not know this, but since they are living organisms maybe we have not yet looked into the possibility that even if it's just a seed, maybe just maybe it has more FAITH than some of us have.  


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