Your Desires and Purpose in Life

Knowing your purpose in life is a beautiful goal. It is where humanity is evolving towards. It is a mission you are born for. But you know what dawned on me one day? I realised manifesting your dreams really simply means to have found your purpose in Life and that purpose is what the Universe will provide abundance for. At the back of my mind, I somehow knew our Life's purpose is really what's going to be attracted towards us because our purpose is like a place where our heart will happily settle down, doing something that we are born to do while making good contribution to all humanity.

It need not be humanitarian per se or as what most people think of what humanitarian is; it could be as real as a business of your own creating products or services that benefits mankind, a rewarding job that you truly love or a life that is dedicated to serving others directly. It is really a purpose that will finally give you a sense of contentment.

Have you ever gotten the hint that the dreams which you are asking the Universe for should somewhat be in line with the real purpose you are supposed to serve? I kinda had that feeling and it makes sense. It is why we should not force our ways when we are receiving that which we are asking. It is not on our terms and conditions that the Universe will give us our desires. You should let the Universe sway you to the direction of your real purpose and along the way you find mini purposes in life that you can fulfill while the grandest of your dreams are already on its way. And these mini purposes are going to be blessed with abundance just as well!

Let's use me as an example. I am a very insightful person ever since I was a kid. At a young age, I knew of many things by the way they feel and mean before knowing what they are called. When you are that perceptive and analytic in your inquiries in Life and in accepting many ideas from around you, you grow more and more delighted with all the learnings you know that are like gifts from heaven.

It is easy for me to hoard a lot of select information and then one day I asked myself, for what? Sure they are my treasures. But the more I hoard them for myself the more I couldn't quite know what to do with them. All these good stuff about the Truth are really like vital information with the potential power to make a big difference in this world but they seem less significant UNTIL I made the effort to put them out to the world.

The Law of Attraction has helped me really sort the clutter out and organize my way of thinking when it comes to my purpose in Life by releasing them as gifts for the next one who will hoard them selfishly for a time being until they also felt their vessel full to the brim and they find themselves swayed to gift them to somebody else. I finally understand that it is meant to be that way.

So while I have big dreams and I mean really big ones, I don't concern myself too much with the HOW. I just trust that I am in the process of receiving them. And true enough, along the way I find myself inclined to certain mini purposes that I could fulfill on my own! It is like the Universe is giving you a taste of what it feels to be finally presented your Life's purpose and accomplishing it. What empowerment that gives! And I am grateful that my life is being used for that purpose which in turn blesses me with this incredible feeling of fulfillment!

Didn't they say that you have to experience all the feelings of already having received what you are asking? The Divine is so gracious you are going to be given the pleasure of experiencing fulfillment of a life's purpose by showing you mini ones to enjoy. And in my case, my mini purpose is giving my accounts of how the Law of Attraction really worked on me at the very early years of my life even when I didn't know it existed as the Law that it is acknowledged today.

Find your release, and serve this mission. It is free for all. Whether you choose to enlighten your friends or loved ones or you express the Universe's love by giving to others, but just engage yourself with a purpose. It would help you heal from the past too and more so, it will prepare you for the grand purpose you are born to accomplish, of course with abundance being attached to your purpose so you can further it and live it to the last day here on earth. That is the plan.

I hope through my articles as I impart a piece of myself to as many people I can reach, that along with the others I add more light to reveal the greatness of the Universe. Thank you for visiting my blog! I really pray that you enjoy Life and live according to your purpose!

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