The Hacks for Getting the Universe to Conspire with You

The Law of Attraction teaches us 3 steps: Ask, Believe and Receive.  Many of us have tried, a lot have succeeded in manifesting their dreams, and then there are those who are left even more baffled how others have employed the same steps and obtained wonderful results, while they seem to be finding trickles of manifestations that aren't enough to make their dreams into reality.

This article is without exaggeration, a super lengthy one but you can find out here, now, that what could be missing are just lifestyle changes anyone can make! It's a "if you could figure out" sort of a thing that has always been there but I guess it was intentionally not placed as a step of its own because it is one you should figure out on your own and apply to yourself before you even dare invoke your right to recieve the Universe's blessings .

Here's what happens to some people, including me, I admit. When we watched the Secret, when we read the Meta Secret, when we actively studied the Laws, I don't think we are 100% embracing the entire Truth because as soon as the steps were revealed, we focused on the 3 steps and not much on the accounts narrated by the speakers and the required emotional states they even dedicated a whole section to. We barely exercised the filtering of our thoughts anymore, and we still continued being affected by the negative circumstances because we still harbored negative feelings.

I don't know if this applies to all who have not yet felt the Universe in action on their dreams but if this article speaks some hard truth that you know in your heart you are guilty of, be ready to admit. And the beauty of admitting is the realization that after this, the Universe will already conspire with your plans!

When we heard the speakers talk about their own accounts of the law and their advice, what feelings are they expressing? It is of happiness! peace!; some are too elated to the point of exclaiming that it unbelievably works! that you have to start feeling it!

The vibrations are cued by the emotions we generate everyday. To refresh our memory, and as an exercise,  within 1 minute,  I will enumerate what I could remember, and note how I'd do this improptu and ill tell you what I think about the list I made.

Here it goes:

Positive emotions that means you are at a high vibration:
  1. Happiness
  2. Love
  3. Peace
Negative emotions that means you are at a low vibration:
  1. Anger
  2. Sadness
  3. Frustration
  4. Fear
  5. Doubt
  6. Helplessness
  7. WORRY
OMG! See how short the list is for the positive emotions and how I could still add more to the negative ones given more time?

We know more negative feelings and we know them all too well because we are still affected by them. They still haunt us every now and then. When it's not Anger, it is Sadness, or Worry. They take turns in plagueing our lives and once they are given the limelight, even just once!, they become unforgettable. That's why when I was typing the list for the negative emotions, my fingers are seemingly overclocked and with a mind of its own.

How do I feel about this? I could feel sad and hopeless. But I could laugh too! and I choose to laugh. Because when you are aware that your thoughts and feelings have actually already queued negative results, it is easy to FEAR but don't!, because you can press the cancel button by laughing about your foolish negative reactions no matter how many times you've done them. And then start again. Let's joke about it! IF I didn't have my wonderful kids, I'd be left with just Peace! (and I know I only thought of peace because its a generic common positive word. LOL) Lets roll on the floor and laugh at that!

Seriously, we have got to change how we approach Life, and I know it may be hard but there is a hack on everything nowadays. So there must be a hack for this.  I asked the Universe for it when I raised my vibrations before I started writing this article, and I believe the Universe aswered me just now.

Re examining the LAW

Everything is but a product of our thoughts, and therefore reverse engineering can be applied to the circumstances which we just find so difficult to deal with positively. Lets take apart the concept and see how it works.

Law of Attraction states our thoughts makes us feel a certain way and if it is of an extreme vibrational emotion whether high or low, then the Universe identifies your thoughts and creates more of it.

So it is stated, that when you think of debts even if you are thinking how you want to be free of debt, the emotion that is automatically attached to the word debt is WORRY. When you worry you feel anxious, and then you act in order to resolve the problem but you see little result and so you easily get frustrated. That's a chain of negative emotions already and it all started when you thought about your debts, And because of that, the Universe's actions are actually going towards the opposite pole, it's becoming a tug of war. That explains the mystery why some are easy to rise above their current situation and win.  

So debt is a variable, like x is on Algebraic equations. They are real negative variables that we are facing and we arent such lunatics to disregard them, right? That's when it becomes difficult. The confrontations. Agree?

How do we do reverse engineering? The product is your emotions, start to believe that the cause is not the circumstances but the thoughts you entertain. So when you find yourself at a confrontation with these circumstances, you have to change your reaction. Believe that you can surpass this  and incorporate that belief in your reaction.

Example, when you have a debt, there are certain times you are reminded of it, like when the person you loaned from called you or you received a notice from the bank. It is unlikely that they'll do that everyday unless you have provoked them. So just stay calm and say to the person that you are going to pay back that loan very soon. Apologise, ask for consideration but at the same time emanate the vibes of being able to have the money to pay that loan soon, negotiate for a staggard payment if that will help you with the confidence more. Confidence speaks a lot.

I totally understand how facing your troubles is unavoidable and in fact I don't think running away from your troubles will do any help at all.

So first, that. Face your troubles with confidence, and start to feel positive that you are capable of resolving them soon. After that, be aware that you have y days (another variable) to act. The y are days when you need the Universe to conspire with you, right? You ask for financial stability for example or you ask a specific amount, ask the positive blessings but never ask about the x. Do what the mentors have told us regarding the step of Asking and then Believe. Now while you are in the mode of receiving , which is also the stage where you are making positive action, here's when the reverse engineering part can come handy.

You need all the positive vibes while you're on the receiving mode, right? so forget about the x, only know the y and then focus on your actions.

Instead of focusing on the product, which are the given and automatic emotions, attached to your x, create your own product meaning create your own emotions and make them positive ones. Forgetting about x means forgetting about worry but it don't erase the fact that you need more positives. You don't only need to ease the negative emotions but you also need to infuse your receiveing mode with more positive thoughts in order that you can attain high vibrations, which is crucial. So, outsource them.

They have told us to begin to draw positive feelings from whatever good is around us. Gratitude helps such that it doesn't include the negative circumstances.  Whoever is grateful for being miserable is from out of this world, meaning your gratitude list should naturally be all positive ones.

The hack I'm referring to is the methods to amplify that feeling of gratitude by making them highly vibrational feelings. If you are one of the many who just can't generate the feelings genuinely out of the gratitude list by simply listing them, the hack I will show you will prove to be effective. Coz Ive done the daily gratitude list and it only felt like a quiz; I can list so much but my emotions are being held back. I don't identify emotionally with the words that I'm writing. I feel fake. And it's a terrible feeling that arouses more doubt. And I don't mean that if you're experiencing this difficulty to feel genuinely grateful, that you are a fake and ingrateful person, but that it is simply tough to break the barriers that the negative feelings have coated you with. Or sometimes you are left beaten and worn out to the point that you can't find the strength to hold high vibrations anymore. But more precisely, we are lacking the energy to.

THE HACK: Raising your Vibrational Energy

Raising your vibration has been a topic on its own. You can actually raise your vibration and make your positive thoughts appear as irresistable to the Universe. The Universe will start to readily comply with your wishes and dreams once you achieve that state. Isn't that nice?  Raising your vibration consistently as in everyday, making it a complete lifestyle change is not only enjoyable but also very purposeful.

It requires that you optimize all physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimension of your being. You cannot house positive vibrations on a physical body that is low on vibrations. Same thing as you cannot do the mental workup of visualizing and therefor internalizing your desires if you don't have a sound mental health.

Acknowledging and attending to these state of wellbeing that is not conducive to having a positive and high vibration is actually spiritual in nature, and if you aren't yet that spiritual, you will most likely feel weird and therefore there goes your dreams down the drain.

But choosing to believe that we are all energies and that we are ever vibrating just like how you embraced and believed in the Law of Attraction; and by truly accepting that you are capable of raising your vibrations , is another major leap in perfecting your destiny!

Raising your energy to an optimum level is a state of heavenly bliss we can experience only a fraction of for a few good hours after a relaxing massage. Imagine feeling superbly elated but at the same time feeling light and good on all areas everyday! The Universe cannot resist that kind of glow that radiates and pierces through space and time! Your energy raised holistically produces the somewhat similar light of the Souce that the Universe identifies itself with it and it can only give you your desires like a father to his favorite daughter.  We are energies after all,  we manifest our energies on every plane of our existence, and haven't we been taught that We are One with the Universe? that the Universe being the Infinite Source is made up of the same stuff we are made, but that it only varies in degree. That degree is a like the intensity of the sun's heat . We can mimic that intensity several degrees lower by focusing on the quality and purity of our vibrations and it would still be above and beyond what's normal.

There are energy coaching services provided by some mentors for a reasonable price but when you can't afford it YET, it doesn't mean there's no way of learning how to raise your vibration anymore. Remember that before the decision to go to a doctor regarding a certain sickness, we all have the knowledge that our body can heal itself. Same thing with raising your vibration to match the Universe's, you can do it for yourself and I can help you by enumerating the necessary lifestyle changes you need to undergo.

Optimising your PHYSICAL Vibrational Energy

1.  Superfoods 
Organic and high quality foods give us higher quality of physical energy.  It's not only the absence of sickness but the optimised functioning of our bodily systems that will empower us to function as effectively as possible. And that includes the problem solving ability of our mental faculties, as well as its tolerance to hardships.

If preparing your own food is not possible and you have always resorted to fast-food junks as a result, you need supplementation so badly. I have a friend who swears that because of the supplements I shared with her,  she experienced her mood dramatically change from being angry all the time which often resulted to migraines right before sleep time and relationship fights to one that is calmer and calmer to the point that the virtues of understanding and patience is all of a sudden manifested in her personality without effort.

There are thousands of supplements in the market and I only trust a few. If you are one of us who has embraced the Law of Attraction, you already know the conspiracies under the health umbrella. You have done enough digging to finally get to the laws of the Universe that you have brushed on these controversies of how the majority is being held from obtaining a higher sense of being. And that has spanned to include the quality of health products being offered.  Also optimum health is not as widely profitable as diseases are. Therefore it is vital that you know which ones are pure and potent. My recommended supplements are up to now, still in my opinion, the most commendable choice there is.

2. Detoxify
When you let your body remove toxins effectively, you boost the body's healing mechanisms. The moment you build up toxins such as free radicals, our immune system already engage in battle with them in order to win over a healthy state. Such that when you supplement yourself with the nutrition and antioxidants your body needs it would be first spent to heal the body of current conditions, and most of these conditions are undetected until they are full-blown diseases. That is the reason why some people say they don't see the effects right away with the products they are using. Real potent ones actually have healing reactions that can be pleasant or unpleasant, both indicating that the supplementation is benefiting your body systems.

If you detoxify, you rid the body of a huge chunk of responsibilities. You are removing threats and thus lowering your chance of getting serious sickness plus it helps that the supplements can be then spent by the body for optimisation of its abilities or functions. Then and only then can you being to experience the glow of having optimum physical vibrational energy.

You can search on how to detoxify but a simple fasting can do or you can also choose to give love to your liver at the same time, since it has been the most active and neglected organ of your body.

Optimising your MENTAL Vibrational Energy

1. Block out negative language and content. 
It's hard enough to deal with controlling your own self-talk and your own feelings towards them. But the negative vibes that other people and some events can influence us to feel negatively as well and that just adds to the mental pollution that wreck havoc with our way of thinking. For example, anger. As much as we want to share our angry feelings towards viral posts containing violence inflicted on animals, or to women and children, understand that the negativity rubs on us and affects us, it is better that we do not react at all. Another is being vigilant and participating on political issues can provoke our inclination to negatively react. We also tend to share these posts on our own wall, and that cements the quality of thoughts you are entertaining. It's better if we can block these kinds of content for now until we reach a spiritual state where we can already  control our emotions. Practice this, if you are serious in your desire to turn the Universe's attention to all of your small wants and big dreams.

Optimising your SPIRITUAL Vibrational Energy 

1.  Take time to achieve the higher state of consciousness.
For those who have come to know about the Law of Attraction without passing through spiritual course corrections or refinement, you will either be new to this or have little idea  about this. Many sources are available online although they vary depending on what spiritual knowledge system they are belonging to, and I could suggest the ones I took in to be part of my belief system but I wouldn't know how deep or simplistic the teachings need to be so your soul can easily relate to.

Let us just say that all you need is a simplistic explanation about altering your consciousness and tuning in on what's Divine; something that isn't too far from the religious belief system you have right now.  I'll include prayers and meditation, yoga and tai chi -  as these are being widely acepted by most people with varying religious orientations.

It is said that it is when you quiet the mind and the body that you may recieve blessings in form of truths. Also when you engage yourself in a solemn and heartfelt prayer and just listen to what God wants to say to you after, that you begin to receive answers to your questions. Sometimes miracle happens too. This higher state of consciousness is actually a conversation with God or as we would also call Universe or in my case I call the divine Father Sky is actually when you leave the mundane and set aside your self talk to listen to a higher power that is ever present and as Dr. Mel Gill describes as much closer to us than our own breath.

The result of which includes increased awareness, greater power of concentration, a quieter mind and the phenomenal experience of transcendence, happiness overflowing, inner peace and soulful nourishment. These practices raise your vibrational energies so high it could only be so beautiful if it were to be seen by the naked eye.


Raising your vibrational energy high enough to not get easily defeated by negative circumstances is the key to making LOA work for you like a charm. And any little effect that the negative feelings bring you will not reduce your vibrations. It will continue to vibrate that way for longer periods and regularly practicing these methods will only ensure that energy doesn't wane. These, and with properly doing the steps as stated by the Law of Attraction, will make you effortlessly manifest your desires. 

Do not be concerned by the time you need to allot for these. Do not be concerned by the amount of time you only have left. Do not just squeeze it in, but dedicate time for these optimisations. Why? The last thing I also want to teach you is that being hard on yourself negates your desires. If you succumb and bury yourself too hard on the actions you think the Universe is requiring you to do, without raising your vibrations first, you are working on your own and in contrast to how the Universe works. 

It states that the Universe will conspire with you when you Ask, Believe and Receive, and conspiring means collaborating, or working in hand in hand with. That cannot happen if you won't raise your vibrational energy and become in the mode of conversation or personal relation with the Divine. 

As a closing to this article, I want to tell you that there are some people who manifested their dreams without too much working on it to happen. But those people has chosen to work on their vibrational energy rather than work extensively on the current channels they have for receiving. They did not ask and then gave 200% effort on their current jobs! They just let the Universe's action take its course and manifest their dreams through opportunities that they never anticipated and its not because of their effort but because of their being in tune with the higher power. They enjoyed life despite of everything and that renders the negative entities such as negative emotions and ugly thoughts to cease to exist in their lives. 

Someone have won the jackpot on a lottery , another has achieved his desires that were channeled through another person. For as long as you don't live in a deserted island all by yourself, the Universe will get your dreams to you no matter what. So don't quit your job to open up a channel you think is wider and more accessible, or burn your brows overthinking your options and going crazy jumping from one means to another testing out each possible entry points you see. Your impatience will only mean lack of trust and that will prolong the manifestation even more, if not cancel it altogether. 

The Universe is all knowing and you have to trust that. The Universe or God as we lovingly call the higher power knows you inside out and is with you all the time. So relax, don't sweat it. Applying the Law of Attraction and at the same time entertaining the negativity of being hard on yourself is ironic... It's like claiming faith that is nonexistent. 

Live life and love it - As the supplement company I love uses as a tag line.  (Beautiful! Nothing is coincidental)

Thank you so much for reading this article to the very last word. If you would like to ask me anything, or get my recommendations regarding the methods of raising your vibrations, privately message me. My email is May the force be with you ;-)


  1. what a timely article and reminder :)

    I have recently embarked on a new adventure, and one of the things I have done differently, is to conscientiously believe in my ultimate success :)

    Wishing you well from my corner. Namasta.

    1. Thanks! and yes, believing is one of the three steps of the Law of Attraction that really makes the Universe work in line with your goals. :) Good luck on your new adventure!

  2. It was a long read, but I find it really interesting. I actually like how you convey your thoughts on this topic. Very intriguing and well written. I'm learning a lot from this article.

    1. Thank You! I am just really doing my best to give back.

  3. This is such a long article. Maybe it would be easier to split it into shorter articles. I noted that there are so much more negative forces out there, and the good ones are not exactly easy to achieve. We have our work cut out for us in this regard.

    1. :) I will have to split them, yes, in my future posts. I agree about the negative forces. One thing I've realized when they said that when you focus on the world within, and you create there a world that is free from suffering and violence, that will determine the fate of the word as we know it. It now makes sense because each soul that is enlightened creates an immediate environment of what he has created in his mind, therefore the mission to uplift all humanity rests on those who could influence the rest to seek enlightenment as well. From immediate surroundings, to communities, to whole nations and eventually the world... When I envision it that way, the said evolution of mankind becomes clear to me.

  4. It's really good to detox of the negativism and live on the positives. Sometimes, we just have to do our best and believe, we'll get what we worked for.

    1. Believe is the word, isn't it? :) Belief = trust, faith

  5. Ask, Believe and Receive. "Like attracts like".. just believe that you are winner and that alone will contribute to whatever you want in your life. I've done this a lot times already. Now I'm working on a little more bigger goals.

  6. Face your troubles with confidence, and really feel positive that you are capable of resolving them soon. ---Really lovin it! And yes, I've been applying it. I even have another quote to say on that "Sometimes, you just have to SHOW UP!" Face it! And sometimes, the worst doesn't happen. Even if it does, if it won't kill you, it's really gonna make you stronger, better, or wiser.

    1. Thank you! Nice quote! It's something a lot of people are guilty of, not facing the challenges of Life.

  7. The positive mindset alone paves ways for you. Being pessetismic discourages and disorganizes you. Thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you! Yes I'm all about positive mindset and I hope those who are still on the pessimistic side would get enlightened.

  8. This is indeed a good read! Positivity starts from us and we can certainly control not to get affected by negativity. Hard but not impossible!

    1. Thank You! Inspite of anything, we must think positively. It is only our self limiting beliefs that triggers negative emotions. I'll be writing about it next.

  9. It is crazy that we can think of so many more negative emotions that positive, although I know I would be exactly the same. I never really think this deeply about things so it was a very interesting article to take some time on. I quite agree with your point that running away will not help things at hard times.

    1. Thanks. Once in a while, we need to reflect on an article like this., right? I promise I'll make shorter posts next time. :)

  10. Being positive is a choice. Negative vibes are like sales on the store, it's buy 1 take 1 so it's easy to attract people. But if one believes in himself, regardless of how negative things appear, he will never get affected. A good read, btw.

    1. Thank you! Nice point you made there. Hopefully more and more people would believe in the power of positive thinking.

  11. Debt can be overwhelming on the emotions. It's smart to rethink your engineering on how you let it worry you or make you react.

    1. Yes, it's makes you feel terribly miserable, with its mix of fear, worry, hopelessness, self pity at times all simultaneously attacking . That's the reason I used it as an example. But yes, it's only a matter of proper mind-setting that one may choose to not allow these emotions cripple us.

  12. Love this article. I never knew superfoods and detoxifying will help with tuning the body to law of attraction. Good for anyone who want to learn about it!

    1. Thank you! Yes, they do. I also didn't know about this until I really studied each of the topics mentioned in the LOA, particularly vibrations. I searched how I could actually produce the quality of vibration that is attractive to the Universe. :)

  13. I need more and more positive energy and get rid of the negative one.. Go away anger, smile everyday!

    1. Happiness really is the key in keeping positive vibes and what's great is that it doesn't cost much to be happy.

  14. Detoxifying is a great thing and contributes a lot to stay positive. As much as possible, I leave off the negative things so I can still stay positive even on bad days.

    1. What I do when things go wrong, I look at my kids or just recall all the things I'm grateful for.


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