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A question was raised in Quora: 

It’s said that when you desperately want something, the universe conspires to make it happen. Is this true?

And I am aghast with some of the answers.  The person who asked was called insensitive and ridiculous.  So I gave them a piece of my mind.

Here's my exact reply

Yes, IF:

… you apply the Laws. which in my personal study includes the law of cause and effect and many others.

These Laws, even if they were coined by mere humans are observations made to contribute to the so called resources anyone can use to better their situation. So I don’t tend to get judgmental against things that are created with good and noble intentions. Thus the first step is to ASK. Even if you don’t believe in the Law of Attraction, there must be something else that you direct your asking to. GOD, Higher Power, yourself? It depends, and I respect those who consider GOD and the Universe one and the same, I respect those who’d consider GOD only, I can also respect those who neither believes in both and chooses to believe in the SELF as the only entity responsible for each his own destiny.

… you are spiritual (whatever religion you may be belonging to) and you pray for or meditate about your desires to “entrust” them or “release” them to a higher power.

Most people have been doing this oblivious of the laws, or even of any personal development strategies. Some call it FAITH. It does contribute to whatever entity (GOD, UNIVERSE, SELF) conspiring with you to make things happen.
(AND/OR because there are those who doesn’t belong to any religion or the Atheists or those who have religion but doesn’t acknowledge a certain relation between religion and your life’s outcome (there are people like that), they are to be respected.)


… you act according to your goals (desires) which means you at least do something given the resources or even energy you have, however scarce it may be, to get you from point A to point B

Without action there is no result. (Cause and effect) And on this part, I wish to convey to the person asking that I don’t think his question is selfish or insensitive AT ALL. Sometimes when people deal with a certain person he thinks of the person as different from himself, or different from the rest. We tend to label. I am not excused, but I just grew more and more enlightened and less ignorant by the day as I delve into the Law of Attraction. Some people may tell you what about the “starving people in…” What about the “shelter-less people in…” and that would instantly appear to me as if  YOU, who is anonymous therefore we don’t know what current situation you are in, don’t have the right to question how true is it that the Universe may conspire with your desires given that you desperately want it, just because some others can desire but yet they can’t seem to receive (starving people, shelter-less… etc). But let me entertain your question without any of that ugly impressions.

The LOA as once again refined by the Meta Secret of Dr. Mel Gill included ACTION. So friend, whatever situation you’re in right now, understand that it requires action. As the most basic sample of how the law of cause and effect works. So yes, the Universe will conspire with you, just take the steps, however small the steps will initially be. Be grateful of whatever progress you make and keep on pressing towards your goals. Some desires needs a little bit of action on your part, some desires take a lot more work. But there are desires that require IDEAS that you need to come to your mind. That’s why you need to think better, have clarity and you tend to think better if you are less emotional. So meditate.


… you have a desire to help others besides helping yourself, whether you do it while working on your desires or at a near future when all is well for you already, and I believe it will be.

The GOD/UNIVERSE/ or your SELF will conspire with you if you acknowledge the fact that other people are suffering more than you are. Sometimes the reason for inaction is helplessness and hopelessness. To uplift yourself from that you should see how others are suffering and the desire to help others is assuming you have the resources to do so or results to vowing to have the resources too, right? If you see not only your suffering but everybody else’s, in your heart will you want to be the one who’s always needing for help or you want to be the one extending help?
WHY are most LOA mentors teaching this desire to help others to the point of saying that you can only receive what you can give. Is abundance limited then? The answer is no. But it is in my opinion a call to serve others. The laws they have introduced were meant to uplift humanity. That ALL may get from point A to B, from no one to someone, from shelterless to living comfortably, from starving to well nourished.
Now this is for all the people who replied of you being insensitive of your desires. Do I mean that the starving people need to give so they may receive. People who are really lacking depth will surely say so. But the reason why there is such a principle is that so when you successfully got your desires that you may help those who are starving or shelterless… and teach them a thing or two about what has helped you with your own struggles.
HELPING HAND is what’s being promoted by the LOA mentors and most of them walk their talk too. Dr. Mel Gill provides shelter for those who, even if they ask, believe and receive, will not have homes because they are sadly, destitute. So you, having the resources to make LOA work, use it, apply it and when it does help you get your desires, that you may have the heart to help others as well. If you were able to achieve something beyond your wildest dreams then that you may find in your heart to help our destitute brothers and sisters have at least some resources. Yes, those who are starving, the shelterless brothers and sisters.
Uplifting humanity is a helping hand mission. The reason why it is attractive to spread the LOA teachings is because we want to increase the number of people who can help by introducing the laws as resources so they may help themselves first. And one person that we uplift to feeling empowered and start getting results is one person less from the portion of the hopeless and helpless.
I believe that everyone of us should be respected for such inquiries in life. The person who inquires about how things may fall into place in his life should never be thrown harsh answers but must be guided towards self empowerment through whatever method you wish to impart. 


  1. There is infact a book called The Secret by Rhonda Byrne which proposes this theory that if we want something earnestly then the universe will make it happen. I am skeptical about that. Seems like impossible to me. Of course, people can have their own opinions.

  2. Thank you for commenting! Yes, that book was one of the many which influenced this blog. :) Of course, it is correct that we can have each our own opinion about the matter. I think that certain self help methods appeal to a person or arouses his interest because he needs it in his life. Nobody should also tell him not to entertain particular ways of uplifting himself, as only he will be able to decide whether it works for him or not. We should consider not much what turns a person's life around but that it turned and I think we've been seeing a lot of these campaigns lately on social media where the love for humanity is being portrayed and the uplifting of lives with the help of another is touching the hearts of netizens.

  3. I totally agree with you. It totally depends on the person how he/she chooses to make oneself good and inspired. :)

    P.S. Sorry for my late reply.


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