The Secrets of Daily Life: Time

It's not everyday that we get to pause and think about how lucky we are. In fact most of the times we think otherwise and didn't have to pause for it. We are easily invaded by negative thoughts and feelings especially amidst the swirls of tasks and responsibilities.

Why do we suffer from these thoughts and feelings and at the most inopportune time? If I asked myself that a year ago, I would have said, "it's because of this... and that... Now, I wouldve laughed at myself.

The circumstances contribute to this illness called suffering, yes. But to those of you who has not YET taken time to delve deeper into this suffering we also began to call LIFE, it might surprise you to learn that the outside factors which causes it actually bears little weight compared to the real culprit: Your self... AND your ways.

I am so lucky I have learned that whatever ways we have been accustomed to, we can always deprogram. I started with my ways with Time.


For most of us, there's enough time. For some, it seems too be ticking too fast. How could time be liesurely for others while some often chase it frantically. But before I answer that I would like to ask, what is Time, really? Is it an unobservable phenomenon; something you can barely keep track of? something you can't control? Something that has a mind of its own that is oblivious to your demands of it?

Time is gold they say. Common smile. Whatever you think you need to do, just forget about it for a while and give time for this. See, there it is. The answer is Time doesnt give you time. It just is. It is you who needs to give time.

I used to work heavily and still think I haven't done enough for the day despite having missed social interactions, despite having spent too little time with my kids. You know, there comes a time in your life that you just don't have time!  for pedicures, movies, cooking, not even combing. All because your daily grind requires you to work your ass off to be able to pay the bills or mortgage, to be able to bring food on the table, to be able to.. etc etc. How sad right!?

How to deprogram your self out of that? I asked myself. But nevertheless, I did. I started with a long break from work (a week, yep that's long) I used all the time to search for the purpose of Life. It was a revealing week for me. I could definitely see myself in the person of Rhonda Byrne that time, who in the movie was like a crazy person tapping on the keyboard and reading books like the devils gonna get her. LOL. When the search was over, there was this slow motion thing... I will talk about that slow motion experience later as it proves to be real, Time does slow down!

Next I get on a random weekly date with my boy. I used to just spend a few quality minutes with him after I fetched him from school, before he goes to bed and that's it, coz I even work during the weekends. But now, it felt so good to really have a date with him, when I could forget about work and just be a mom... Now I'm not only someone who gets to appreciate working hard, I am now also someone who gets to enjoy caring for her kids a lot more.

And then I decided I was going to count the hours. I get paid by the hour, so I realized I only had to give a definite time for my work. When I did this, I was amazed how it even increased my earnings per day. How was that possible, you may ask. When I wasn't counting the hours, I dedicated my whole time for work, but there I was pretending to be working but was actually browsing through my newsfeed in Facebook for a couple of minutes. There I was, getting up to buy soda. There I was watching YouTube. I was,in effect,  unmindful of Time. You see the irony of having bound yourself tochasing Time all the while being unmindful of it?

I didn't notice how many times I would hit the stop button on my tracking app and to think I would use work as a reason to pass up on just about everything that is more important.  Why is this? I almost wanted to hit myself but I scratched my head instead. That is for me, the biggest realization about time that proved to me that there's enough time.

When I started counting the hours, I saw gaps in my schedule which I used to get a pedi, a haircut and anything that gives me a sense of satisfaction. It is true then, that Thou shall not overwork.

I would just like to say it works.  Time does slow down! That slow motion effect, I experienced it after I literally buried myself into the search for Life's purpose. If you think that an effective search means being conditioned physically and emotionally first, yes you could do that, but you're wrong if you're thinking you would get out of it not looking like Einstein.

Because the real search that the heavens above would be compelled to unveil the secrets is the type of searching that is unpleasant, if I may tell you. That is, in the eyes of the observer. I only slept a total of 12 hours approximately, for the entire week! My blood pressure shoot up for 3 days after that period.

I cried every each realizations, and in every literature I read there is about 3 to 5 of them and I realized I haven't cried for a long time that it actually feels like I literally have unloaded something out of my chest that has a physical weight.  Why did I cry? You would. Let us not forget that the topic this article began with is not Time. It's about our negative thoughts and feeling. It's about suffering. It's about the daily grind. It's about the way we feel tired, so tired about everything. When you search for the purpose in Life and found out how You, yourself, has been causing all the sufferings. It would hurt, but you'd cry not because of grief, but because of joy. I was flooded with ideas of resolutions.

And, this is the very first thing I resolved myself to fix: ways with Time. Because "In the Begining" as in the very first chapter of Genesis, is when time began. It is old and golden, because it marks the beginning of Creation. Since Time is marked by a certain beginning, it is only befitting that we should start changing our lives by starting to correct our ways with Time.

It is not the mother of all secrets. Deprogramming your ways with Time is just one of the resolutions to  finally change Life as we know it and let it be the Life that really is. It is one of the many secrets I discovered about Life. The secrets are as many as the stars in the Universe, waiting for you to study them. So don't stop here.

Drop me a comment if this article moved you and follow my blog to learn all the Life changing resolutions I discovered. 

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