The Secrets of Daily Life: Seizing Time

I wrote in my the first article of this series which is about the secret on how to slow down time, that you can squeeze in positive moments into your daily routine. It was a starting point in making you feel less toxic, less miserable, and more hopeful. There are wonderful things that already are in our lives but we simply fail to make them count. Thus making them count by giving time for these positive moments is the beginning of our rehabilitation.

In this article, we go a step further. Get ready tp sieze time and shine! This is a very long article though,  you'd be better doing something else instead of reading further.... really up to you.

So... Whatever you do for a living, you are in fact utilizing your skills. What else we need to throw into the couldron is the question.

Recipe to Success, Anyone? 

We are not aiming for success at the moment. Speaking of which, I found it disagreeable when I hear people say there's no such thing as a recipe for success. But the fact that people who earned their success in life clearly has done so using a mix of different ingredients, proves that there is... or there are. I would rather say that there is no one single recipe to it.

That's the reason why figuring out the recipe is not the way to go. If there's a whole lot of ingredients to success, there's even a lot more combinations of these so called ingredients (statistics applied) AND in the middle of that giant mindmap we've just created right now, there's YOU, the most complex ingredient of all, with your skillset, circumstances and what not. No this is not the rubix cube, any persistent man can master.

We could look to others for inspiration, guidance or direction but their recipe just can't be ours.

Besides, even if by observing the success pattern of another man, you can only get what he does on the outside, possibly guess the kind of person he conditioned himself judging by the way he conducts himself in his daily business. You could also immerse yourself in a personal training with him and still there is this sense of doubt in the plan.


Because there's still yet another set of ingredients which no man can learn from another. And that is YOU.

  • You as in your manner of thinking.
  • You as in your morals and preferences.
  • You as in your self esteem, confidence and level of determination. 
  • You as in your own tolerance to hardship. 

...the list could go on forever.

See why the word "you" is treated as a plural form? Because when you use the word you, you are pertaining to someone else besides yourself, right? And when you pertain to another person, it is clearly imposed that you don't dilute another person's complexity.

Back to the topic at hand.. Just like I don't believe in the pain scale, I don't believe you can gauge another man's tolerance of hardships or the confidence he exudes or the amount of determination... These are variables, though can be expressed, cannot be exacted through mere words.

None of the ingredients are useful at this point. If they do present themselves in a whole package, gifted by a person who has achieved success, they are already deemed innefective. Because, everything that caused a man his success was presented to him in different occassions. Most of the critical ones were not part of his plan initially. And that's what you need to learn from the success pattern of another man; that when you are in the process of going for it, that you have to do more, and that the things not in your plan are the keys.

THEREFORE! Is it by competely by chance that you get the exact recipe intended for your own success?

No. Do not believe in mere chances. The only surefire way you can hit the goal is... (Drum roll please..)

.... to be aware of the times you can shine. Laughable, right? But indulge, and enlighten yourself.

Whatever you do now, think of a way to evolve, or when you're doing something that feels like it's not what you should be doing, think of a way to shift and then transform. Do it now, not later. Get proactive, and use Time to your advantage.

I am a fan of old wisdom.  Some say "It's all about timing" and when something is said about time, one should delve deeper.

Timing, as in setting time for your priorities (responsibilities and "self" priorities) and timing, as in your own rhythm... and with regards to the saying, Id like to understand its as the timing that describes your rhythm; the rhythm of your pulse. How upbeat you are in your approaches.

Are you upbeat most of the time? or are you plain boring. Lol

Have the desire to shine. Show off your skills even if it's beyond what you're being paid to do. When you've established a reputation of excellence in what you do, create more opportunities to shine.

Take note, CREATE more opporunities to shine. Instead of look, create. 

That's the real gist of this entire article. Creation. The universe will conspire with your works of creation. Your creativity is precious to life, and it will always shine.

It is easier and more enjoyable to pursue success by this process and it is guaranteed to be S.M.A.R.T.

It is also a complete package, if you're still thinking of just going directly to a successful mentor to get a complete package. The upbeat process of seizing time to shine, is complete, if you'd really commit to it. It is tailor-fit to make use of your current resources, and operates well under your personal circumstances. It is less risky than following blindly a path that others took.

Creating your shining moments creates your own path to success. Focus on it, by all means. Sieze time for these moments. It's all about timing means it's all about your rhythm. As your rhthm progress, you succeed in each period, with each short term winnings.

I hope you heed this advice. Do not go into the labyrinth of many paths leading to mostly dead ends except for one. Rather, work on your own path and by just creating your own opprtunities to shine, you can guarantee your own success. You can.

Hope you like my article. Its a the second of a 3 parts series. The final part is in the making. Thank you for reading!


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