The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like.  

Negative vibes or feelings bring about negative things, and positive feelings give positive results in our lives

I am a fan of truths behind "truths". "Truths" for me are facts of the world as we can see and observe. We are in fact fed with these top coat "truths". Sometimes these are what we are brought up to believe in. I am not saying that the more apparent "truths" are less true than the deeper covert ones but it is more crucial for me to satisfy my hunger for truths that lies beneath the surface. This, for me, is totally normal; as humans we have the right for inquiry and through this right, we create great things, we unravel great mysteries.

Law of Attraction strikes me as a deeper, kinder truth behind all truths. It is something that will do you good to know and apply. Religion, for example, is something I am brought up to believe in. And for me that's OK, but as I mature to a level beyond average thinking, thankfully, I don't narrow down my senses anymore, I widen my views in life. As a result I was able to get to the core which is better than just being in a religion, I was able to tap my own Faith, work with it, and give more attention to it now than I did when I was young. The Law of Attraction and my faith has met just recently and I was surprised that my faith is quite familiar with the Law. Little do I know that the Universe and my faith, my inner being, is acquainted with each other and has been really conversing with each other behind my back. Although I have known for long that I am part of this universe. I now feel the connection. Before I knew about this secret, I have read about and practiced visualizations for some time. I call the omnipotent Father Sky when I'm gazing at the clouds knowing that there is one great energy which is the Universe. 

I know I am for this path, that it is my calling to become one with the universe. My road to this discovery was not straight, I happened to be a wiccan since 1999. I am an eclectic wiccan who practices the craft my own positive way; I viewed wicca as a way of life, I practiced it to enrich my self and be more closer to nature and to my surprise my ways are quite same as what the the mentors of Law of Attraction have been pointing out. I have always known that we are part of this soup we call the universe. We are made up of one and the same stuff. As I traveled the crooked roads, trials had me giving up on optimism for some time but now I am blogging about this because I am happy and thankful that I am again in control of my life. I am going to leave just 3 words for you to ponder and I hope it arouses your curiosity enough to make you seek or perhaps give another chance to understand the great secret I have found:

"Thoughts... Become... Things"

For a more detailed study on the Law of Attraction I suggest you check out
I would like to share the wisdom it teaches but I am a student myself so go to the website and feel good afterwards, knowing that you took the first step to changing your life for the better.

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