What Makes a Person a Magnet of Good Luck?

Ever wonder what or why certain things can make a person succeed and yet make another one fail? In most case we discover this after we are lured, either by envy or inspiration, to follow the steps of someone who seems to be having the time of their life. Having fallen into this trap so often, I secretly investigate up until now how it happens… that the same moves that brought good tidings for others have given me more than just a headache. I scribbled in my think pad the word that mysteriously baffles me and continuously comes up in my head when I contemplate on the success of others while mulling over my own loss: LUCK. It has something to do with luck, some say.

I wanted to write about it even before the Internet became accessible to me. I wanted to inquire in my mind and theorize something out of this thing called luck. OK, so imagine a person that has a nice career, can manage his time properly so he can go out and have fun, be with family and do some other stuff on the side, yet still look vibrant and full of life. Now how does a person like that would make you feel? Inspired right? I bet nine out of ten people will say he’s a lucky man. 

 “Being deeply learned and skilled, being well trained and using well spoken words; this is good luck” Buddha quotes. A spiritual person, yet he spoke of it with such reality… In that case, luck is not an entity of its own, it’s an incidence of spotting the right thing at the right moment. So I won’t say I don’t believe in luck, but what I’d rather say is I believe a person can attract luck; luck being a perfect timing to catch a fleeting opportunity. 

      Keep Your Eyes Wide Open
I bet you wonder what this is about. We are sometimes living life with eyes half open.  If you try opening up your eyes wide enough to see the peripheral proximity a bit clearly, you will feel less strain in your eyes.  Now how is this going to attract luck? Simple... It makes you more aware of the surroundings and makes you more sensitive to them. You will strive to be of better posture, of brighter disposition and it enlivens you that you won’t be caught off guard when you need to make a good impression by speaking or acting. It also serves as a catalyst to start receiving and processing information from outside your body; your reflexes will improve and you will think faster. Ideas come rarely, but in an instant. Most often that light bulb up in your head means something good. It symbolizes a bright idea that will work if you put much effort in planning it. We sometimes wish the light bulb incident happens more but it doesn’t, because we are always half-aware. So try this exercise of keeping your eyes wide open for good opportunities.

      Make Friends
Luck doesn’t come in a definite form. Sometimes you do not make luck on your own. Ideas don’t always come to you out of thin air. Sometimes you need to be socially connected to be reached by opportunities. So don’t say socializing or having time off with friends will just waste your time because it’s a part of being a luck magnet.  The more friends you have, the more people you interact with, and the more time you spend out of your comfort zone which is being alone scheming and figuring out how to be lucky, the more you get exposed. This is what I meant in my previous blog LIFE IS AN ENDLESS JOB INTERVIEW” when I wrote:  We have to do our best so we can be spotted. Of course don’t forget the personality makeovers I mentioned in that post.

      Be a Genuine Person
Don’t be a phony. Knowing now that interacting with people could get you better opportunities, don’t be too obvious about it. That would be creepy. If there is a person whom you’ve known for some time and you think you could help each other out, then genuinely strive to get his trust. There must be something likeable about you. It really takes time before you establish connections with people. 

If you will think about these pointers seriously then you could be on your way to becoming that lucky person who doesn’t seem to be stressed by life and yet conquer it. They are gifted with positive vibes that is all. You can be that person if you want to.  
Thanks for reading this post. Expect things that are not conventional, in this blog. May all these approaches I share to you bring you enough luck! 

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