Blogging: Turning Your Passions Into Profits

Blogging is for everyone and surprisingly a lot of people who were in a state of financial instability are now virtually worry free. You might have been reading about blogging for quite some time now and even started and then ditched a few blogs already. Let us skip the story telling part because for sure it was the first thing you rummaged the internet for when you got interested with the concept of blogging.  Yes, they are earning a huge sum and it's crazy. But there are things that keeps you from trying it. I can imagine how hesitant and yet excited you are about this new-found interest of yours. It was the same for them, as you may have read in their stories.

Blogging is not an easy task. It requires the same amount of dedication as any profession does. Yet a lot of people are burning their eyebrows in order to start earning from their blogs. Why do people resort to blogging?

Blogging Is For Everyone

Passion is different from skills. At times we find ourselves passionate about something and yet we can't make it a reality. For example a person may have passion for clothes and fashion trends but is not qualified to be a model, doesn't know how to invent or innovate in terms of design, doesn't even know how to sew. She may only have the keenest eye for aesthetics and so she ditches the idea and continue with his day job at the mall. We can say that passion is as intangible as knowledge or thoughts that we can merely set aside. 

Fortunately, blogging became the solution for neglected passion. All of us have something we are deeply passionate about; all of us have something to blog about. However, like any venture, it is not without challenges, in fact every step is a challenge:
  • Deciding on the blog concept - It is important to have a theme for your blog. Find a niche topic about your interest. Stick to fewer subtopics.
  • Choosing a platform or blog host - proves to be good enough for new bloggers like us, but later on we have to decide about having a unique domain. 
  • Writing good content - Content is king! Do not just publish anything. You will learn more about how to compose your posts when you've learned about SEO.
  • Learning about SEO - Search Engine Optimization is not for techies alone. It's basically the undestanding how search engines work. There are a lot to learn about SEO but do not be discouraged. You can understand it better if you read ebooks or join forums. Be patient and dedicate some time on this.
  • Monetizing your blog - There are a lot of Affiliate Programs out there. But in terms of monetizing your blog, Adsense has been the major choice. A lot of bloggers claim that Adsense is the primary source of income.

This may seem a lot but, let's try not to go through them all at once. The list above actually is kind of sequential although you may of course learn SEO and join affiliate programs at once.

It would be pretty neat earning as much as the top earners out there while working at home. But we're not even halfway there, if you're like me who's just started. The good thing is a few months more, with sheer dedication, we could be.

There will be more follow up posts about blogging, for sure. So just keep tabs as I share my journey as a newbie blog editor.

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