When Failures Seem Regular

It seems at some point in life, we realize things are so out of place. Then only a few comes to realize things are just the way they are and should be; complicated. That instead of standing in the center while chunks of our life are on the other end of a string attached to us, moving rapidly on a circumferential motion… that instead of it’s dead weight dragging us in every angle, we should be the one in control!

It was so hard getting out of the tangled string of circumstances. Not to mention these circumstances add up. First it’s unemployment or a job that can’t pay half the bills, then a kid starts schooling, relationships suddenly rocky... I mean you just had your 32nd birthday and you still don’t have anything to call a real career or profession… Sounds like a step by step process towards having a nervous breakdown. But I’m sure you guys out there have a phrase in mind, a phrase I hate the most: rat race.

It sure is a dark time for us when we couldn’t get on top of most things that really matter being on top of. And we wonder why others make it, why others seem to flawlessly go about in life, whistling on a regular day and out fine dining with a special someone or family on salary days. Of course they fail too, but how do they rise up back again? While we’re here all along still trapped in serious mediocrity that we fight! I mean really fight and work hard to get rid of?!

Perhaps, we don’t just get it, life. We don’t know how to live it. This is not a blog about businesses to make you rich. So you may be thinking, what’s this blog all about then?

This about the first step I took and that very step pulled me out of my miseries.

“I am the Problem” 

After so many years of having been treated like a kid, growing up and failing several times in the process, I was there, on the verge of a nervous breakdown. But I had to give it one last fight. So… with no plans in mind on how to attack my problems, I stopped doing everything. I stopped working for a $2/hour job that keeps me awake till 4am. I stopped daydreaming about businesses that I don’t even have funds to start with. I stopped spending the few but precious free hours out of the 24 hours we have in a day (assuming you don’t sleep like I don’t before) just to search the internet for any job that would make me rich, only to end up being scammed. I stopped thinking that being financially free solves my problems. I just stopped…

Then I looked in the mirror, and for the first time I said to myself, “I am the problem”. Of course we mutter that same thing when things really go like it can’t get any worse. Sure we often ask, “Am I the problem?” It hit me hard, I have asked that same question a thousand times before, but I never tried to answer myself honestly. If only I did. So I may have blurted it out too soon but you’re going to stick around to find out anyways. First you need to do is to ask yourself that question again and give your best and most sincere answer.

Rat race isn’t just about having less or not enough money to support one’s self. It’s having not enough sense of self to face the world. In reality, it’s hard enough to be facing the intricacies of life geared up and ready, how much more when you’re not even sure of yourself. And if you are, and you just find it difficult to show the world, then there’s something wrong with you still… So ask yourself and be ready to admit, that you have got to change.


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