Life is an Endless Job Interview

I am not without talents. I’m a graphic artist, web designer, registered nurse, and I’m quite crafty. So why the hell am I not successful?  

We usually have plentiful of these so called talents but by now we already know that it’s not enough to have something to offer and we found out the hardest way. That’s why I recall some advice that I seem to have been unmindful of, thinking of course that there’s nothing wrong with me and everything wrong with the things that I thought was bringing me down. Because I always think I have more skills than the average Joe or Jane.  But I was so wrong.  

Now I see clearly that this life is indeed a job interview.  We have to do our best so we can be spotted. We didn’t get picked on by life or by any force spiritual or whatever, to suffer.  I realized that we, who have been unsuccessful, were just left unpicked. So from the many advices given to me, I was able to come up with these five personality makeovers.

Characterize yourself suitably.  

So I’m often bubbly. But is it still appropriate to be? I wear torn jeans while I pass by some friends my age, and they were all dressed up neatly. So what? But if there’s someone in the neighborhood that’s a big time venture capitalist, will he take me seriously if I say want to make one of my daydream business come true, like an IT firm for example?  In a real job interview, you would dress up and act appropriately and that’s when you make a good impression in this Life. Believe me, I didn’t have any savings to buy me clothes good enough to make a sound impression on anyone yet I gave away my old worn out clothes that I had since high school.  It was hard to be throwing away things when you don’t have a lot in the first place. But it was worth it. I had to go shop in my parent’s drawer. They’re quite well off, wow what a shame…  But because I took the initiative of rediscovering myself, people started seeing me as an adult. I don’t go out the streets sporting some real formal outfit; I still wear polo shirts, tees, and shorts but I try my best to look proper. I face the mirror and say to myself, “This is the changed me, in the raw and skills aside.  Nice”  

Mind your words.

 Speak less street language. Be more comprehensible.  Speak up only if you know you won’t sound stupid.  And strive to learn and upgrade your knowledge of the things related to your skills.  This does most of the trick actually. More than dressing up properly, ironed clothes, neat shave, etc, what comes out your mouth is a bigger factor. What comes out of your mouth, how it comes out of your mouth and why it does, shows people how much is stocked in that brain of yours. It makes them see how deep or shallow a person is. A lot of people, including myself, have changed from one career to another; we have tried most of the new trend in business too. We even tried to veer away from our talents and try things we got no knack for, for the reason that these talents have frustrated us long enough. We needed results, fast! But nothing’s going to change. All the hype will just be short-lived if we keep changing the wrong things. So you may think “Mind your words? What a crap”, but try it, you might surprise yourself this time.

Represent your best image.

Nowadays we can duplicate ourselves in a lot of ways.  Social media are on the rave. We put our profile up and alive on these sites. We can be seen and spotted with just a few mouse clicks. “Oh look he’s my high school classmate and it says here he’s internet savvy”, then clicks on your album and sees you holding a beer bong on one hand and a hookah on the other, half naked. “Hmmm, not the partner I’m looking for…” It’s not really about the photos, but more on the why is that photo posted there. Don’t post your weaknesses.  Well if you’re not looking to get lucky with opportunities that smell success, you can post all you want. But if you are one of the many, who needs a good break if not a big one, then save posting those photos for later on in life and enjoy them on your bedroom wall instead. Have a total social media accounts overhaul and represent your best image to make good impression. Be it a photo, shout out, or profile information, if it doesn’t make you look any better then it’s not worth posting at all. 

Flaunt your skills a little.

Don’t jump back into the same routine. Don’t find low paying jobs like you used to have thinking comfortably that you could easily get rehired to work on jobs that you have done before. Don’t juggle too many responsibilities.  With your skills and your new outlook and good vibes, you may try to feel more confident.  Flaunt them a little; ask higher bid for them than your usual better-than-nothing rate. It shows you value your work, it means your work might really be more valuable than they think it is, it will make them think you’re better than the rest. Now will you be able to do this with your not so confident self? No.
Change is a good thing. It’s the only thing that’s constant in this world. You need to embrace this cycle of change if you want to be on top of things. 

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